The HVAC industry is stuffed full of jargon and vocabulary unfamiliar to the average consumer. 没有理解AFUE和SEER等关键术语, 要培养一个受过教育的人几乎是不可能的, 通知购买电炉或英雄联盟比赛压钱的APP. To help you learn the lingo and gain a little insight into the industry we love, 以下是HVAC术语和定义的详细列表.

A.F.U.E. 或年度燃料利用率

以百分比形式列出, this is a direct ratio of fuel pumped into the furnace and usable heat created from the fuel. 例如,SLP98V是98%的AFUE. Meaning, for every 100 BTUs of fuel the furnace uses 98 BTUs of heat enters your home. 显然,AFUE越高越好.


Signifies an outdoor temperature generally between 30-45°F. At this temperature, the heat pump's output equals the heating needs of the home. 下降到平衡点以下时, additional electric resistance heating is required to establish and maintain indoor comfort.


Equates to the amount of heat and energy required to raise the temperature of one pound of water one degree fahrenheit.
Ex. a 10,000 BTU furnace is capable of creating 10,000 BTUs of heat per hour.


气流的标准测量. It measures the amount of cubic feet that can be filled, heated, or cooled in one minute.


机组的加热或冷却能力. 通常以btu为单位显示.


The compressor pumps the refrigerant through the coils in the outdoor segments of the air conditioner or heat pump. It pumps the refrigerant at a speed and in quantities sufficient to cool the home.


位于户外部分, the condenser coil houses the refrigerant that will change from liquid to gas and cool the air through evaporative 冷却.


在风管, these vents restrict or permit airflow to regulate the air distribution to certain rooms.


This kind of furnace is designed to intake air through the top and expel heated air through the bottom.




冷却系统的能效比. It indicates how effectively the air conditioner will operate at a specific temperature (usually at 95°). 评级越高,系统效率越高.


The in-between device that transfers the heat energy from the combusting fuel to the air that will distribute the heat.


An electric unit that is capable of both heating and 冷却 a home by reversing the flow of the refrigerant change of state (gas to liquid, 液体变成气体). 即使在寒冷的天气,热泵也能从空气中提取热量. They are generally used on more mild days because they operate with peak efficiency between 40 and 90° F.


This device produces water vapor in conjunction with your furnace to improve comfort and regulate humidity.


描述空气中水分含量的术语. 英雄联盟比赛压钱的APP和除湿机可以降低湿度.


The important thing to note is that a higher score on the HSPF scale yields a more efficient 热泵. Specifically, HSPF measures a heat pumps estimated heating output for the 春天 and Fall.


Generally used as an abbreviation for the entire industry and list of services offered by Four Seasons. 
ex. 四季是中西部最大的暖通英雄联盟比赛压钱的APP公司.

M.E.R.V. 或最低效率报告值

Stands for the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value and measures the efficiency of a filter or air cleaner. It ranges from 1 to 20 with the latter being the stronger filter able to capture particles down to .3微米大小.


A heating or 冷却 system wherein all the components are located within one unit. 与分裂系统相反.


A substance housed in the evaporator coils which changes from gas to liquid to create a 冷却 effect.


These two copper lines connect the outdoor unit to the indoor unit in a split system.


R-value is a measurement of the effectiveness of your insulation. 这取决于你住在哪里, certain areas are recommended to have specific levels of insulation to keep their energy costs low. 在芝加哥和西北印第安纳地区, it is recommended to have an 热阻 between R-38 and R-60 in your attic.

S.E.E.R. 或季节性能源效率比率

SEER代表季节性能源效率评级. It is calculated by dividing the typical 冷却 output of an average season by the total energy input during the same amount of time. The important thing to understand about SEER ratings is that a higher rating equates to a more efficient system.


最常见的冷却系统设计. It contains a 冷却 unit both inside and outside the home. 与打包系统相反.


The mechanism reverses the flow of the refrigerant to change from heating to 冷却 mode and back again.


This is your control station for your heating and 冷却 system. 它可以让你在家里设定温度, 一旦设置, your heating and 冷却 system will automatically operate as needed to regulate the temperature. 除了, some thermostats are programmable which allow you to automatically set the temperature for different times and days of the week.

A 吨 is a unit of measurement to reflect 冷却 capacity. 
e.x. 1吨=每小时12,000 btu.


This furnace design intakes air from the bottom and expels hot air from the top of the unit.

紫外线灯或U型.V. 光

也被称为紫外线灯, a UV light is an air purifier that utilizes ultra-violet light to kill pathogens. This is normally attached to the evaporator coil or installed in the duct work near the furnace.


把房子分成区域或区域. 分区 then allows the furnace and air conditioner to target heating and 冷却 to respective zones.